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At Pine Grove School ...

"Together we Share, Discover, Create, and Achieve"

Pine Grove Elementary School is located in the picturesque, New England Town of Avon, Connecticut. The school originally opened its doors in 1991 and was built to be an educational facility for the new millennium. During its history the school has housed students in preschool through fifth grade. Currently, the school is comprised of approximately 600 students enrolled in kindergarten through fourth grade.

The school grounds themselves are neatly tucked away in a residential neighborhood. Included on our campus is the district's fifth and sixth grade upper elementary school, Thompson Brook School. The school is surrounded by soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, raised bed gardens, a baseball diamond, and our magnificent playground.

Visitors are greeted by a large copper portico that leads to our main lobby and front office. The school itself contains 25 - 30 classrooms fully equipped with interactive technology designed to enhance the learning process. First floor classrooms are designed for primary learners while our second floor is intended for students entering the upper elementary grades. Our school is also home to a two story library media center, two computer labs, two art rooms, a music room and performance stage, a cafeteria, and a large gymnasium /auditorium.

At Pine Grove School our mission is to inspire in each student a joy and passion for learning and a commitment to excellence, personal integrity, and social responsibility. We educate students intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically to acquire knowledge and skills, to develop creativity and character, and to pursue their interests, realize their potential, and meet the challenges in a constantly changing world.

Pine Grove School continually engages in ongoing and systematic assessment of student performance in order to inform instruction and to determine curricular areas needing revision. Our K-4 language arts program is designed to ensure alignment with national and state standards and to provide a comprehensive and balanced approach to teaching literacy. Thematic units serve as the backdrop for literacy instruction in reading fluency and comprehension. Our mathematics program emphasizes concept mastery, computational fluency, and problem solving. Problem solving is embedded in everyday situations so students learn mathematics skills in a meaningful context. All students in grades k - 4 also receive instruction in science, social studies, technology, art, music, and physical and social wellness.

Our school community benefits from a very strong multi-faceted collaboration between home and school. Parents participate in the everyday life of the school in support of the children's learning. The Parent-Teacher Organization is highly supportive of the school through its financial and human resources. The organization has a long standing history of providing cultural programs that enrich our curriculum. Our parent run Publishing Center supports the school's focus on literacy through the publication of student writing in the form of books and storyboards.

Pine Grove School is open daily from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. All visitors are asked to kindly report to the main office. If you have any questions about Pine Grove School or our community of learners please contact the main office at (860) 404-4790. We look forward to hearing from you!