A Day at Pine Grove School


Students may be dropped off and begin entering the school at 8:35 AM Monday through Friday on normal school days. The school day begins at 8:50 AM.

Teachers begin supervising classrooms at 8:35 A.M. Therefore, students should not be dropped off at school before 8:35 A.M.


Parents are asked to not park at the front of the school. Children may be dropped off in the designated parent drop off location which is marked with signs in the front of the school. There are often many parent drop offs and we ask that children are ready to exit the vehicle and parents move along safely when it is their turn in the drop off line. To facilitate a safe and efficient drop off, we ask that children exit only on the driver side of the vehicle. We also ask that children exit their parent's vehicle at all locations within the parent drop off zone and parents do not wait to pull up closer to the school to drop their children off. This slows the process down tremendously. If you want to escort your child to the door, or if you need to enter the building, park in the lot at the front of the building.


There may be occasions during the school year when, because of inclement weather, it will be necessary to delay the opening of school by 2 hours. In that event, children may be dropped off beginning at 10:35 and the school day will officially begin at 10:50.


In the event school is closed because of bad weather or another emergency, announcements will be made. Information regarding school cancellation will be delivered automatically to parents through our automated messaging service. This service relied on the accuracy of the information provided by the parent at the time of their child's enrollment. This information can be updated. For assistance, contact the school's secretary who can assist you with this process. School closing information is also shared through local radio, television, or by accessing the school's website. Please do not call the radio stations, police, schools or the superintendent.


Many days during the school year, teachers will hold a brief meeting with their class to discuss the events for the day and conduct activities that focus on developing a shared community for learning. This is an important time for young children and these meetings are often used to share important updates and to build relationships. These meetings are often held at the very start of the school day, another important reason for students to be on time each day.


Pine Grove School provides a rigorous and relevant curriculum to all students in grades kindergarten through grade four. Detailed information on curriculum and instruction will be shared during fall curriculum nights each September. A full schedule of academics and unified arts will be provided by your child's classroom teacher during curriculum night as well. All parents are encouraged to attend. Additional overviews of the academic programs offered at Pine Grove School can be found in this handbook's academic section below.


The district participates in the National School Lunch Program and offers to students nutritionally balanced lunches daily. Free and Reduced price lunches are available based on financial need. Information and applications for this program are found on the District website.

It is the intent of the Board of Education that schools take a proactive effort to encourage students to make nutritious choices. Food and beverages offered for sale to students, whether in the cafeteria, school store, or vending machines will meet federal and state standards and guidelines. Students will enjoy a nutrition based meal prepared with high quality fresh and local ingredients whenever possible.

Charging is not encouraged by the District but on that occasion that at student does not have money, they will be offered an alternate meal. Alternate meals include, but are not limited to, the following: a choice of sandwich, fresh fruit and milk.


Recess is an important part of the school's planned day. All students in elementary school shall have in the regular school day, time devoted to physical exercise, of not less than twenty minutes in total, unless altered for a student by a Planning and Placement Team for a child requiring special education. Such physical exercise can be a combination of planned physical education classes, recess, and/or teacher-directed classroom activities. The period of physical activity will not be taken away from an elementary student as a form of punishment. In addition, students in all grades, K-12, cannot be assigned physical activity as a form of punishment.

Recess time is generally scheduled either immediately before or after their normally scheduled lunch period. On early dismissal days, recess will not be held. Recess provides all students with an opportunity to socialize, to exercise, and to play in a less structured setting. It also allows children to make friends, and to develop the ability to occupy free time creatively. When the temperature outdoors is 20 degrees or warmer, children will go outside for recess. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees or when the wind is blowing, causing the wind chill factor to be below 20 degrees, or when there is any precipitation, the students will remain indoors. The school utilizes a Weather Bug® station mounted on the school's roof to obtain the most up to date and accurate weather information.

If children are well enough to come to school, then they are well enough to go outside; conversely, if children are not well enough to go outside, then they may not be well enough to be in school.


Please do not ask to have your child dismissed early from class unless it is absolutely necessary. The end of the school can be particularly hectic as children and teachers are organizing and preparing for dismissal. From approximately 3:00 until 3:25 is a very busy time. Students leaving at that time interrupt the orderly dismissal of all students and can interfere with the teachers' last minute instructions. It can also mean children do not get valuable information at the conclusion of the school day.

If a parent arrives at school after 3:00 they will be asked to enter their child(rens) name(s) to the parent pick up list. The child(ren) will be NOT be called down until 3:25 PM at which time they will be part of the normal end of the day dismissal process.

If your child must be dismissed early for an important appointment which cannot be scheduled during vacation or later in the day, please send a note to the teacher with your child rather than having the office interrupt the class with a phone call. It may be necessary on occasion to have your child leave for a doctor's visit; however activities such as sports, music instruction, and other extra-curricular programs should be scheduled so that your child does not have to leave school early. We want to communicate to our children the importance of school. Leaving school early for extra-curricular activities communicates to them that these activities are more important than school.

Thank you for your help in making the dismissal of all children at the end of the day smooth and orderly.


All students will need to be signed out by a parent or legal guardian to be picked up and dismissed from Pine Grove School. Parents will be checked in beginning shortly after 3:00 each day and will wait in the designated parent pick up location in the school until they are united with their child. Parents and students should exit the building at this time to assist with an orderly dismissal. If necessary, a valid form of identification may be required to gain permission to the school's parent pick up location and/or to dismiss a child. The school reserves the right to ask for identification at any time.

Anyone picking up students at dismissal time (3:25 P.M.) should not park in the bus lanes or the student drop off area at the front of the school. Parking areas should be used when picking up a child at dismissal time. Parents should be aware that student safety is hindered when cars are blocking the normal bus lanes. If a student's after school or dismissal plans depart from the routine, e.g. if a student is to be picked up by a parent or if a student will be going to a friend's house to visit, a note should be sent to the teacher so that the school is aware of all such plans. All such plans will be made at home before the children arrive at school. Children being picked up will be dismissed to the gym.


Several afternoons during the school year have been set aside for conferences and professional development. The school calendar lists predetermined early dismissal days. Please take advantage of these days to schedule doctor and dental appointments or other commitments which might otherwise take your child out of school.


Late-forming storms could require early dismissal for all schools. Other unforeseen circumstances could cause one or more schools to be dismissed early. In the event school will be closing early because of bad weather or another emergency, announcements will be made. Information regarding school cancellation will be delivered automatically to parents through our automated messaging service. (See above) Emergency school closing information is also shared through local radio, television, or by accessing the school's website. At the start of each school year, parents are asked to complete a form regarding emergency school closings. This form will be utilized by the school's staff in the event of an emergency closing. The form indicates the emergency dismissal procedure for your child. Please review the form each fall when school opens and ensure its return to our office. The school will not deviate from this plan unless written permission is given from the parent.


During the first weeks of school, it takes time for bus routes to settle into a routine and for the buses to run according to a regular, predictable schedule. Occasionally during the school year a bus may be delayed due to traffic conditions, construction or other unforeseen circumstance. If your child's bus does not arrive home when expected at the end of day within a reasonable time you may call the school. If there is no answer in the school office, you may call the bus company at (860) 470-7200 to check on the bus.